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  • aluminum tables

    Aluminum picnic tables with accessible seating

  • Aluminum Picnic Table with Steel Legs

    Aluminum Picnic Table with Steel Legs

  • Aluminum Picnic Table with Aluminum Legs

    Aluminum Picnic Table with Aluminum Legs

  • ADA Certified Aluminum Picnic Table

    ADA Certified Aluminum Picnic Table

  • Powder Coated Aluminum Picnic Table

    Powder Coated Aluminum Picnic Table

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Aluminum Picnic Tables

Aluminum Picnic Tables (with galvanized steel legs)

National Recreation Systems’ aluminum picnic tables can be seen in many National Parks, State Parks and Local Parks nationwide. They are maintenance free and long lasting. The metal picnic table legs are constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel. Tabletops and seat planks are 2” X 10” anodized aluminum. Are you interested in a free quote? Let us provide you with our aluminum picnic table specifications for your next project.

Our metal picnic tables with galvanized steel legs are a time-tested classic and can be found at many schools, parks, shopping centers, and theme parks with thousands worldwide. The aluminum table tops are built out of anodized aluminum to make the table lighter, while still maintaining its strength.

All-Aluminum Picnic Tables

The All-Aluminum picnic table has aluminum seats, aluminum table tops, and anodized aluminum legs. These sturdy maintenance-free tables will provide years of service and are lightweight. These weather resistant, portable picnic tables are perfect to use as park tables, garden tables, or any other outdoor space.

Our metal picnic tables come in different sizes, perfect for your unique needs. We manufacture them in 6 ft, 8 ft, 12 ft, and 15 ft lengths. All are still easily portable but will add weight the longer they are. 

Looking for more detailed information on picnic table dimensions? Check out our picnic table specifications guide!

Perfect For Any Location

We’ve delivered aluminum picnic tables for use in national parks, state parks, local municipal parks, as well as, local school playgrounds. We’ve provided churches and small businesses with picnic tables so they can create an outdoor space for their members and employees to eat together. We manufacture our metal picnic tables to be weather resistant and easily portable, so they can be used anywhere.

ADA Compliant Picnic Tables with Metal Legs

We can manufacture double-sided ADA compliant picnic tables or single-sided picnic tables as well. Get in contact today for a free quote!