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Picnic Table Specifications

Aluminum Picnic Tables 

Looking for the perfect modular and mobile seating option to turning any space into a dining area, or a place to gather around with friends? Look no further! Aluminum picnic tables are produced in a variety of sizes and designs.

National Recreation Systems has compiled this brief guide to assist you in determining which size, materials, and colors to choose to maximize the potential of your picnic table!

aluminum picnic table dimensions

Standard Picnic Table Dimensions & Sizes

Choosing a picnic table depends largely on it’s intended location and user. For instance, if you are purchasing a picnic table for a children’s playground you most likely will want to purchase a picnic table with smaller dimensions than a picnic table at a shopping center or an office’s outdoor seating area.

Luckily, industry standards have been created to dictate the necessary dimensions for designing and manufacturing picnic tables. The tabletop surface should be approximately between 2’ and 3’ in height and width and 6’ to 8’ in length.


aluminum picnic table sizes


For a standard aluminum picnic table, the bench should measure approximately 1.5’ from the ground. The distance between the bench seat and the tabletop should be 1’to allow for proper seating height and leg clearance.

Although they vary slightly based on design, the length of the bench from end to end should be equidistant to the table’s legs!

We recommend knowing how many people you would like to be able to seat at each picnic table to help you choose the correct product. Once you’ve done so, you can use the simple seating guide below to find the proper size!

picnic table size chart



As with any investment, we recommend regularly maintaining your picnic table in order to ensure it’s longevity and safety. NRS has created a bleacher maintenance checklist to help make this process even easier.

There are many important differences between the construction of bleachers and picnic tables, but many of the steps still apply!

ADA Compliance Guidelines

New regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) put in place in 2010 make it extremely important for individuals and organizations to provide accessible seating and access to all patrons.

ada compliance picnic table


National Recreation Systems manufactures ADA compliant picnic tables that have been thoughtfully designed to grant unhindered access to persons in wheelchairs by providing adequate table height and clearance!

As pictured above, ADA standards provide the following specifications for wheelchair accessible picnic tables: Leg clearance of at least 27” high, 30” wide, and 19” deep. ADA picnic tables are also available with one-sided access, or two-sided access for maximum customization!

Color Customization

Interested in purchasing bleachers, but not happy with the glare and reflection of the aluminum? NRS offers powder coated seats to help improve durability, reduce glare, and customize your bleachers to your school’s colors! Available in the following colors:

NRS Aluminum Picnic Tables

Our hope is that this guide has taken the stress out of effectively choosing the size and features of your picnic table! To learn more about the variety of options available to you, or to contact an NRS representative, check out the NRS picnic tables page.