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Aluminum Bleachers manufactured by National Recreation Systems, an industry leader in aluminum bleacher design, manufacturing, and project management. We provide quality, innovative seating systems solutions at affordable prices to our customers. With our nationwide dealer network and nearly 100,000 square feet in a manufacturing facility, we are able to provide unsurpassed service to our customers with fast and accurate shipments of our quality aluminum bleachers.

We manufacture smaller portable aluminum bleachers and larger seating systems including aisles, ADA wheelchair seating, ramps, stairs, etc… We also provide expert recommendations based on your specific needs and building and safety codes.

Tennis Court Bleachers

Our aluminum bleachers are perfect for community and university tennis courts. Our National series are low-rise bleachers, easily accessible and ready to be installed on any tennis court. Or if you are interested in a higher quality set of bleachers, view our Superior bleachers with backrests that will help your spectators during long tennis matches.

High School Band Bleachers

We have also built custom band bleachers for clients in the past. They are perfect for high schools and universities with a large and growing music program. Our band bleachers can be positioned separately from the regular spectator seating to alleviate overcrowding. Request a quote today to learn more about custom bleacher options.

Swimming Pool Bleachers

For facilities that house swimming competitions, a set of bleachers with shade structure are a necessity. They give spectators a great line of sight through the whole race and shield them from the heat of the sun.

Ice Rink Bleachers

For facilities that house an ice rink, our aluminum bleachers are a perfect choice. Whether this is for a high school or a sports complex we have what you need. Our National series is easily accessible and ready to be installed. If you are looking for a set of bleachers that is of higher quality and has a backrest, our Superior bleachers are a great fit. These bleachers can include ADA compliant ramps in order to be handicap accessible. If this is a multipurpose space, we also offer portable bleachers that are easy to transport or simply move around in order to fit the need of the space.


Get in contact today to learn more about our different bleachers for your unique situation. We have low-rise and elevated bleachers in 3 row, 4 row, and 5 row configurations.

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Basic Bleacher Terms

When buying bleachers, it helps to understand some of the more common phrases. Below is a list of commonly used terms and phrases used in bleacher specifications.

Single Foot Plank” or “Single Foot Board” is a term used to describe (1) 2"x10” mill finish aluminum foot plank per row to rest your feet on when seated. You’ll normally find single foot planks on smaller sets of bleachers, or Tip ‘N Roll Series. Consumers choose a single footboard to either save weight on transportable bleachers, save money, or space.

Double Foot Plank” or “Double Foot Board” is a term used to describe (2) 2"x10” mill finish aluminum foot planks per row to rest your feet on when seated. You’ll find double footboards on larger sets of bleachers and especially on permanent grandstands. Consumers choose double footboards to make their bleachers more comfortable, safer, and easier to walk on.

Riser Plank” is a term used to describe a “mill finish” aluminum plank that is mounted vertically under the seat and behind your feet to close the opening to meet building and safety codes.

Rise” The vertical measure from the top of a bleacher seat to the top of the bleacher seat in the next row.

Run” The horizontal measure from the front of a bleacher seat to the front of the bleacher seat in the next row. The run will change if you choose single or double foot planks.

For more information on buying bleachers, check out our Bleacher Buying page.

Bleachers Of All Sizes

We have bleachers to fit any public park and sports complex. They can seat groups from as little as 15 all the way up to 200 spectators. Our customers pick and choose different sizes of bleachers to fit for their tennis courts, baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, and swimming pools. Click below to review the technical specifications of our different bleacher sizes. 

3-Row Bleachers

5-Row Bleachers

8-Row Bleachers

10-Row Bleachers