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5-row bleachers

5-Row Bleachers

Our standard 5-row bleachers for smaller crowds. We’ve designed them to seat at least 50 spectators and up to 100 spectators with our longest set. They can be ordered in 15, 21, 24, 27, 30 feet increments depending on your seating capacity needs. Our 5-row bleachers are manufactured entirely our of aluminum or can be developed with a galvanized steel frame. They are non-elevated angle frame bleachers with 6” vertical rise and 24” tread depth. The first seat height is 16 inches, but the rest of the seats are 17” above its respective tread. They are small to medium-sized bleachers specifically designed for public parks, schools, and sports complexes and can be configured for ADA accessibility. 

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National Series

Our national series is our classic non-elevated aluminum 5-row bleachers. They are designed in three unique models, the Standard, Preferred, and Deluxe models. Each model includes 2"x10” anodized seat planks, single 2"x10” mill finish foot planks on rows 2-3. The national series features a 6” vertical rise and 24” tread depth, Seat height is 17” above its respective tread Our 3-row bleacher’s top seat height is under 30” so guardrails are unnecessary to meet safety guidelines. 

Low Rise Series

Our Low Rise non-elevated 5-row bleachers offer a quality bleacher at an affordable price. These bleachers feature a first-row seat height under 12”, 6” rise per row, 2"x12” wide anodized seats and 24” tread depth. They come in our standard options with single plank footboard or the preferred version with double plank footboards.  

Superior Series

Our Superior 5-row bleachers offer backrests for more comfort. They have a 14” rise per row to improve the line of sight and a 36” run for additional legroom. These 5-row bleachers are designed with a closed deck system for easier maintenance.

Color Options

National Recreation Systems' aluminum planks are available with Powder Coated seats. Add your team colors with our protective Powder Coat to improve appearance or to reduce glare. Available in stock lengths.

*Stock colors may vary from pictures. Custom colors are available.

Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue
Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue