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Additional Features 

Our High Capacity Bleachers are a unique solution for outdoor bleacher seating requirements. We offer standard series as well as custom-designed bleachers with an extensive number of options.

Stadium Bleachers

We have experience building full stadium bleachers for Football, Soccer, and Baseball stadiums. We can create a custom solution to meet your budgetary and occupancy needs. Our stadium stands can be constructed with stadium benches and bleachers with seats. We can also build custom Elevated Bleachers and Press Boxes for any situation. Contact us today for a quote on your high capacity stadium bleachers!

Our custom stadiums can be developed with an ADA section and VIP section. We can install the stadium seating with powder-coated aluminum planks and stadium chairs with backs for a more comfortable viewing experience. At NRS, we’re proud to intentionally design your stadium to fit your unique floor plan and capacity needs.

Aluminum Bleachers for High Schools

Our different bleacher options for perfect for your high school or other public sports facility. They are custom-designed for your spectators to be comfortable and are easily cleaned and maintained. Our aluminum stadium bleachers bring your entire community together and serve a great purpose than just hosting recreational sports. They give your community a place to gather, friends and families to meet, relationships to be built and memories to be made. 

Press Boxes for Bleachers & Stadiums

Every good high school and university football stadium needs a press box. Your local sportscaster, radio station, news station, and referees need a place with a great vantage point to observe the game. In the press box, your announcer can manage the events and set the pace of the entertainment. Our modular press boxes come pre-designed and are pre-wired for electrical and lighting. They can be customized as well to your exact specifications. 

Color Options

National Recreation Systems' aluminum planks are available with Powder Coated seats. Add your team colors with our protective Powder Coat to improve appearance or to reduce glare. Available in stock lengths.

*Stock colors may vary from pictures. Custom colors are available.

Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue
Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue