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Additional Features

Our solutions offer large variety of additional options that can customize your seating of choice based on your specific requirements.

Accessible Ramps

To maintain ADA compliance, a ramp is mandatory. This gives your fans the ability to access the bleachers and enjoy the game with everyone else.


Aisle with Hand Rails

Designing your bleachers with handrails is necessary for larger and wider elevated bleachers and grandstands. It allows your fans to access and maneuver the bleachers easily and safely.


Vertical Picket Guardrail

Utilizing a guardrail is beneficial for tightly angled bleachers whose highest bleachers can be dozens of feet off the ground.


Entry Stairs

Bleachers bottom level can be four or five feet off the ground. Having entry stairs can be used along with a ramp to give easy access to your bleachers and grandstands.


Powder coated Seat and Riser Planks

When you want your bleachers to represent your school colors, we can easily powder coat them with your desired colors!

We also build and install prefabricated press boxes!