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Angle Frame Bleachers

Angle frame seating structures provide a great solution for level sites. These bleachers are attached to either a concrete foundation or installed with earth anchors. Our Angle Frame bleachers are customizable to meet most capacity needs and can be either aluminum frames or galvanized steel frames. They are most used in high school sports facilities like football stadiums, tennis courts, and baseball stadiums.

The angle frame bleachers get their name from the angles used in their structure. They are strong and light and are primarily used in smaller sets of bleachers without the need for concession stands or other revenue-generating construction beneath the bleachers. National Recreation Systems specializes in Angle Frame Bleachers and is one of the leading bleacher manufacturing companies in North America.

Ellsworth Angle Frame Bleachers






Seats:  857 + 9 ADA 
Total Size:  10 Row x 157’6” Elevated
Auger style soil anchors with groundsills, 
Used for High School Athletics
Photos and Project courtesy of dealer partner ME O’Brien and Sons


Basic Bleacher Terms

When buying angle frame bleachers, it helps to understand some of the more common phrases. Below is a list of commonly used terms and phrases used in bleacher specifications.

Single Foot Plank” or “Single Foot Board” is a term used to describe (1) 2"x10” mill finish aluminum foot plank per row to rest your feet on when seated. You’ll normally find single foot planks on smaller sets of bleachers or Tip’N'Roll series. Consumers choose a single footboard to either save weight on transportable bleachers, save money, or space. The structure is

Double Foot Plank” or “Double Foot Board” is a term used to describe (2) 2"x10” mill finish aluminum foot planks per row to rest your feet on when seated. You’ll find double footboards on larger sets of angle frame bleachers and especially on permanent grandstands. Consumers choose double footboards to make their bleachers more comfortable, safer, and easier to walk on.

Riser Plank” is a term used to describe a “mill finish” aluminum plank that is mounted vertically under the seat and behind your feet to close the opening to meet building and safety codes.

Rise” The vertical measure from the top of a bleacher seat to the top of the bleacher seat in the next row.

Run” The horizontal measure from the front of a bleacher seat to the front of the bleacher seat in the next row. The run will change if you choose single or double foot planks.

For more information on buying angle frame bleachers, check out our Bleacher Buying page.

Angle Frame Bleachers Of All Sizes

We have an angle frame set of bleachers to fit any public park and sports complex. They can seat groups from as little as 15 all the way up to 200 spectators. Our customers pick and choose different sizes of bleachers to fit for their tennis courts, baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, and swimming pools. Click below to review the technical specifications of our different bleacher sizes. 

3-Row Bleachers

5-Row Bleachers

8-Row Bleachers

10-Row Bleachers

Color Options

National Recreation Systems' aluminum planks are available with Powder Coated seats. Add your team colors with our protective Powder Coat to improve appearance or to reduce glare. Available in stock lengths.

*Stock colors may vary from pictures. Custom colors are available.

Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue
Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue