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Elevated Bleachers

Elevated Bleachers are ideal for football, baseball, soccer or other events where elevated seating can greatly improve the spectators’ viewing experience. Elevated bleachers for sale include guardrail, aisles with handrail, entry stairs, anodized aluminum seat planks, double (2) 2"x10” mill finish aluminum foot planks and riser plank on all rows to meet building and safety codes. ADA accessible bleacher seating and accessible ramps are also available. Our elevated bleacher seating product is the highest quality sports bleachers available. 

Football Bleachers - We have built bleachers for high school football stadiums, college football stadiums, and recreational complexes. We can build football bleachers to provide 102 seats and 4 ADA compliant seats all the way up to 3034 seats and 24 ADA compliant seats. With our elevated bleachers, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the best plays of the football game.

Soccer Bleachers - Some of our customers have asked us to build elevated soccer bleachers for their specific soccer stadiums. We were able to build our elevated bleacher series to their specifications, allowing for the crowd to have the best spectating view possible. Our Bleachers can accommodate 100 to 3000 people.

Rugby Bleachers - Rugby is a newer sport, that is just now coming to prominence in America. We have been contracted to build a few rugby bleachers for rugby facilities. Our bleachers use anodized aluminum planks and are larger than normal to elevate the spectator to an optimized seating position. 

Rodeo Bleachers - Our customers have asked us to build a few custom elevated rodeo bleachers as well. We developed a seating arrangement that optimized the viewing experience for everyone around the rodeo grounds. We can build our bleachers to satisfy 106 people up to 3058 people.

Baseball Bleachers - We have built custom bleachers for baseball stadiums at high schools, colleges and universities, and recreational facilities. Our elevated bleacher series is built a little higher to improve all the spectators’ line of sight throughout the games.

Our Elevated Bleacher Systems are positioned so that the first row is 5ft off the ground. This greatly improves the sightlines of your spectators and is perfect for larger stadiums and fields. Consider adding a stadium shade structure to your elevated bleachers to improve your spectator’s overall experience. 

Color Options

National Recreation Systems' aluminum planks are available with Powder Coated seats. Add your team colors with our protective Powder Coat to improve appearance or to reduce glare. Available in stock lengths.

*Stock colors may vary from pictures. Custom colors are available.

Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue
Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue