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Portable aluminum bleachers

Portable Bleachers

Transportable Series 

Tip’ N Roll Bleacher Series 

Our Portable Bleachers include the “Tip N’ Roll” Series as well as Transportable Series. Both present a great solution if your seating area has to be moved between multiple locations. Portable Bleacher is a term used to describe angle frame bleachers constructed to be mobile bleachers on wheels. Portable Bleachers are designed to be moved around your court or athletic field to provide auxiliary seating for your spectators. We offer two types of portable bleachers, a Tip N’ Roll series, and a Transportable series. The Tip N’ Roll bleachers do exactly what their name implies, tip and roll, while transportable series are made to be moved with a light tractor. 

The Tip N’ Roll Portable Bleacher Series

Our “Tip N’ Roll” bleachers tip and roll away for easy storage and are the ideal solution to your auxiliary seating needs. This portable bleacher is easily tipped up onto its swivel casters for movement, and caster brakes keep the bleacher from rolling when stored. All “Tip N’ Roll” bleachers include non-marring rubber foot pads to protect wood floors. The aluminum bleacher understructure (frame) reduces weight for easier lifting.

“Low-Rise” Tip N’ Roll Bleachers have 2” X 12” anodized seat planks, 2” X 10” mill finish foot planks, a lower, 11½” first seat height and a lesser 6” rise per row. Tip N’ Roll Bleachers are available with 4 rows in Low Rise models only.

The “Preferred” Tip N’ Roll bleachers include (2) 2"x10” foot planks. Since all 2 and 3 row Tip N’ Roll models and 3 and 4 row Low Rise Tip N’ Roll models are less than 30” high, most codes do not require a guardrail.

Uses for Tip n’ Roll Bleachers

Our customers have found these extremely portable, maneuverable bleachers perfect for many occasions. Schools, churches, and community buildings use them to add extra seating in their gyms during larger events. Church gymnasiums, which don’t have any permanent bleachers installed, use our Tip N’ Roll aluminum bleachers to add seating during rec league basketball and other sporting events. Some of our customers bring our Tip N’ Roll bleachers out towards their football field to provide auxiliary seating for bigger games. Wherever you think you think you need a portable set of bleachers, our Tip N’ Roll bleachers are perfect for the job.


Transportable Bleacher Series

Our Transportable Bleachers can be moved from one area of the grounds to the next (5 m.p.h. max). They are larger than our tip n’ roll series, which gives them more seating capacity. They have to be moved by a transport kit instead of by hand. This versatile system, available with 5 rows or 10 rows, is the perfect solution for adding seating where permanent year-round bleacher seating is not required. Sharing Transportable Bleachers is an affordable multi-area solution. Schools and churches share our transportable series to help with auxiliary seating for bigger events.

The Transportable Bleachers are available with an extra heavy aluminum understructure or a galvanized steel understructure. There is additional cross-bracing and added galvanized steel horizontal lifting braces on the front and rear of the understructure for added stability when moving the system. Transportable Bleachers require a Transport Kit (sold separately) that includes a jack for lifting the system to insert the wheel assembly, the wheel assembly with an attached axle, tongue assembly and removable tongue assembly brackets to secure the tongue assembly. A heavy-duty Transport Kit (with a built-in hydraulic jack and larger 14” wheels) is required for all 10 row and elevated portable bleacher systems.

Color Options

National Recreation Systems' aluminum planks are available with Powder Coated seats. Add your team colors with our protective Powder Coat to improve appearance or to reduce glare. Available in stock lengths.

*Stock colors may vary from pictures. Custom colors are available.

Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue
Scarlett Red Forest Green Royal Blue Navy Blue